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HEK Media Survey Panel: Overview From an Expert

HEK Media Survey Panel: Overview From an Expert

What is HEK Media Survey Panel?

The HEK Media Survey Panel (HMSP) is a custom-selected media panel sourced from the extensive FUJIFILM Irvine Scientific cell culture media library. These formulas are developed to address the vast array of cell lines and then narrowed down to HEK293. Users typically find that performance and quality can be improved with the panel including cell growth, product quality, virus titer, protein quality, and yield.

Why does FUJIFILM Irvine Scientific call this a “media survey” and what is the difference to a media screen?

Media can have a profound impact on the success of a user’s applications. With a media screen, there is a general evaluation of a large selection of general-purpose media that are not adapted to specific needs. However, the HEK Media Survey Panel from FUJIFILM Irvine Scientific offers an individually selected, targeted approach to finding the right media for cell lines in specific combinations with growth and feed, as well as best processes. Each panel features a curated compilation of media formulations, custom-selected for exactly what the user needs, which can have a profound impact on an application.

How does a user evaluate the formulas in HEK Media Survey Panel? What should a user assess and what are the parameters that make a survey event successful?

To make a survey event successful, we provide a variety of HEK media for testing, and customize each panel according to the product and cell line. A user receives protocols and guidance on the evaluation process and the application at the outset of the project. FUJIFILM Irvine Scientific is committed to providing consistent support and collaboration throughout the evaluation process. Based on data collected during the experiments, our R&D scientists assist users in choosing the most successful media, holding milestone conferences as needed during the project.

What are some of the components of a medium that can be adjusted for improvement?

We individually optimize a medium based on the different growth requirements of a specific cell type to promote robust growth and titers. Optimization strategies include but are not limited to trace elements, salts, micronutrients, amino acids, and vitamins. These components can all be uniquely formulated to improve media and are crucial for its success. FUJIFILM Irvine Scientific panel media are manufactured in our Express Media Service (EMS) and are provided in as little as 10 business days after the R&D team reviews the request.

What are some differences between the various media in the HEK Media Survey Panel?

The HEK Media Survey Panel features a portfolio of growth and feed media, curated to achieve the desired outcome such as improving virus yield or product quality. Based on many years of experience and media knowledge, the R&D team is able to customize the media selection for the user’s goals. For example, our scientists would be very wary of components that improve cell growth, but which would also hinder transfection. Useful formulas for specific cell culture applications are assessed from a holistic perspective and with the entire breadth of our extensive media knowledge.

What kind of support does FUJIFILM Irvine Scientific provide to users evaluating the HEK Media Survey Panel?

Our R&D scientists provide users with customized protocols and instructions, and are always available to answer questions with one-on-one guidance. With our technical support, users can save time and money because optimized protocols enable faster development. Once a Media Survey has been performed and evaluated, that new knowledge can form the foundation for further improvement of media and processes through our Media Development and Optimization Service.

How does the HEK Media Survey Panel help maximize the productivity of cells and support virus production and protein expression?

At FUJIFILM Irvine Scientific, we have unrivaled cell culture expertise and an extensive library of prototype media that help us evaluate and confirm goals for custom cell culture media. The enormous selection of media prototypes we can draw from gives the user a high probability of finding a great option for their process. With the panel, the user receives samples of media and extensive instructions to help guide them, as well as the collaborative support of the Field Application Scientist who works closely with the user to evaluate goals and results. For example, if a particular cell line does not pair well with specific formulations, we will completely avoid that media altogether. Similarly, if a user's cell lines do not grow as prolifically as desired, we may recommend a leaner feed versus a richer feed. We also want to make sure we are synchronizing the growth media and feeds as early as possible to find the "perfect pair" in order to get the optimum productivity and quality, as well as save time and resources.

What is the next step after identifying a medium/media combination that works for a cell line?

Once the HEK Media Survey Panel is completed, a user has several options for how they may want to proceed. With Media Development and Optimization service, we offer two options for the user: Media Optimization Panel and Complete Service. For the Media Optimization Panel, we design experiments that the user can conduct in their laboratory. Custom media, lab protocol instructions, and support are provided and we work closely with the user to help manage timelines and analysis of results.

Another option is a Complete Service, where the experiments are conducted within the FUJIFILM Irvine Scientific laboratory. During a Complete Service, our R&D scientists find a solution that meets the user’s specific process requirements such as maximizing titer and achieving the desired quality. The Complete Service may deliver greater improvement in a shorter amount of time than the Media Optimization Panel; however, both options can result in an optimal medium.

What are the options for scaling up cell culture media all the way to larger bioreactors?

Scale-up to GMP manufacturing begins with our Express Media Service, wherein a user’s panel formulation is manufactured in a non-GMP environment using cGMP-grade raw materials. This rapid, flexible service can manufacture up to 200 L pilot lots for the testing of feasibility before scale-up. Finally, custom media developed through the Media Development and Optimization Service can be manufactured in the FUJIFILM Irvine Scientific GMP facility.


Author Bio

Tannaz Goodarzi, MS
As a Research and Development Scientist for FUJIFILM Irvine Scientific, Tannaz Goodarzi, MS, applies her expertise with cell culture to media development and optimization within the R&D team. Tannaz holds a Master of Science degree in Biology—Microbiology and Genetics, and brings extensive experience to her role within the company.

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