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BalanCD HEK293 System

BalanCD HEK293 System

The BalanCD HEK293 scalable system from FUJIFILM Irvine Scientific provides the optimal balance between growth and production to maximize productivity from mammalian cell cultures.

Comprised of chemically-defined, animal component-free BalanCD HEK293 medium and BalanCD HEK293 Feed, this versatile system supports a range of applications including production of viral vectors for gene therapy, transient protein expression, and recombinant protein production.

  • Chemically-defined, animal component-free
  • Rapid, scalable production of viral vectors and proteins for bioproduction
  • Supports use for a wide range of HEK293 cell lines
  • Increases productivity in transient protein expression
  • For use in flasks, spinner flasks, and bioreactors
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  1. BalanCD HEK293 - Liquid
    BalanCD HEK293 - Liquid
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  2. BalanCD HEK293 - Powder
    BalanCD HEK293 - Powder
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  3. BalanCD HEK293 Feed
    BalanCD HEK293 Feed
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  4. New BalanCD HEK293 Viral Feed
    BalanCD HEK293 Viral Feed
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  5. Anti-Clumping Supplement
    Anti-Clumping Supplement
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