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Rational Culture Media Design

Rational Culture Media Design is a media development platform built upon FUJIFILM Irvine Scientific's 45+ years of cell culture experience. With the inherent intricacies to media development and manufacturing, it is imperative to take a measured and more rational approach from beginning to end. This process meets the challenge of developing a sophisticated medium that tailors to specific processes within a short amount of time. 

Essentials of Rational Culture Media Design


  • Platform derived from years of experience and expertise
  • Takes advantage of project management to facilitate efficient planning, coordination and big picture view
  • Development goals defined beforehand - performance, regulatory, and other needs
  • Multi-dimensional approach that utilizes several complementary methods, rather than overcommitting to any single method of media development

Beginning with the end in mind

Finding a good medium is important because it affects process performance, but there is no single medium for every application. Designing media with the end goals in mind requires a more purpose-driven, rather than random, approach that replaces guesswork with expertise. 

Rational Culture Media Design leverages FUJIFILM Irvine Scientific's focus on cell culture science and process knowledge to construct rational experiments that aim to reach a target medium's end goals. We aim to apply our continually growing knowledge-base to solve specific problems through hypothesis testing rather than trying many variables and seeing what sticks. While experimentation with unknown variables is unavoidable, with a commitment to applying what we learn in a thoughtful manner, the design process becomes more efficient and better understood for future applications. This systems biology view of cell culture processes focuses on translating large amounts of data into a solution.

Fitting cell culture media into the big picture

We understand that the choice of media is just one of many factors required to achieve a successful cell culture process. We scrutinize all of the key elements of a process in order to identify specific opportunities for improvement, whether growth rate, cell density, specific productivity, or any other factors, before developing appropriate media designed to deliver what is required by your process. Every process is different, depending on the chosen cell line, equipment configuration and process parameters. Cell culture media should therefore be designed appropriately to deliver what is needed.

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Apply Rational Culture Media Design for your media with our custom and express media services

The following cell culture media services take advantage of the Rational Culture Media Design process: 

Express Media Service (EMS) - flexible small-scale media production with orders usually ready withint 10 business days or less. 

Media Development and Optimization (MDO) - designed to meet our customer's specific and unique requirements. Various levels of development and involvement available.

Media Survey Panel - uses our extensive library of media and can consist of catalog products, GMP-ready products, or R&D prototypes.

Custom liquid and powder manufacturing - large scale manufacturing under cGMP and animal component-free conditions. 

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