Custom Media Services

As a leader in cell culture media manufacturing since 1970, FUJIFILM Irvine Scientific understands how to help you create a custom media solution and bring it full-scale for commercialization. Start with off-the-shelf products, and further elevate your specific cell line and process with optimized custom formulations to achieve higher titers and improved product quality.

Developing custom media solutions for biomanufacturing

Support at every step

FUJIFILM Irvine Scientific is ready to partner with you every step of the way, from the moment that you request a Media Survey Panel, through development, and into bioproduction. Our experts personally select your Media Survey Panel, so that the development process starts with a refined, more focused level and achieves the results you need sooner. Our partnership with you is based on support from our sales team, assistance from our field application scientists, and collaboration with the scientists in R&D.

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Contact a Media Specialist today to learn more about our cell culture media services.

Custom Media Request 

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Contact a Media Specialist today to learn more about our cell culture media services.

Custom Media Request 

Media Development & Optimization

Custom media development services takes a promising formulation and modifies it for your particular needs. Support from our highly qualified technical team within R&D makes all the difference between “a medium” and “your medium.”

Once you have identified a promising medium, we develop it further via our Media Development & Optimization (MDO) service. Depending on your available time, instrumentation, and personnel, you may proceed with either a Media Optimization Panel or Complete Service MDO option to develop your new media.

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Media Survey Panel

Discovering the optimal cell culture solution begins with evaluating a curated Media Survey Panel from FUJIFILM Irvine Scientific. Each Media Survey Panel features a diverse selection of off-the-shelf, made-to-order, and GMP-ready media samples, customized for your cell line and application, as well as the protocols necessary to maximize performance.

Express Media Service

Express Media Service provides rapid, flexible, small-scale media production to expedite time-to-market needs. Customer-developed formulas and modified classical formulas are manufactured in a non-GMP environment using cGMP-grade raw materials, in as little as 10 business days. Express Media Service can also serve to manufacture small lots and pilot scale lots of media to test the feasibility of scale-up.

Sterile Express Media Service

Sterile Express Media Service (SEMS) from FUJIFILM Irvine Scientific is the first service of its kind for small lots and pilot-scale lots of tested sterile, non-GMP media. Up to 100 L, flexibly and rapidly manufactured in a Grade A/ISO 5 environment, your media is shipped in as little as 15 business days.

Spent Media Analysis

FUFJIFILM Irvine Scientific offers a full complement of analysis options. Data generated by our R&D and Quality Control (QC) departments optimize your cell culture process in order to achieve the best quality and quantity for your biologics.

Rational Culture Media Design

Rational Culture Media Design is a media development platform that leverages the focus of FUJIFILM Irvine Scientific on cell culture science and process knowledge to construct rational experiments that aim to reach a target medium’s end goals.

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