Each specialized medium in the CHANG portfolio is optimized to produce superior growth and morphology in cytogenetic samples. They are complemented by a range of classical media, salts, buffers, and reagents. Our products are cGMP manufactured and performance tested for peace of mind.

Your partner for all cytogenetic applications

  1. CHANG Amnio
    CHANG Amnio
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  2. CHANG Marrow
    CHANG Marrow
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  3. CHANG Medium MF
    CHANG Medium MF
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  4. CHANG Medium BMC
    CHANG Medium BMC
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  5. L-Glutamine Solution (200 mM)
    L-Glutamine Solution (200 mM)
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  6. Colcemid Solution
    Colcemid Solution
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Our Line of Cytogenetics Products

Rely on CHANG media for successful analysis

For over 30 years, FUJIFILM Irvine Scientific has been a world leader in providing a comprehensive range of products tailored for cytogenetic laboratories. CHANG, the original medium designed specifically for cytogenetic applications has been the gold-standard for decades. Our current CHANG portfolio builds on that foundation with modern formulas. Each cell- or tissue-specific medium is optimized to produce superior growth and morphology in peripheral blood, bone marrow, amniotic fluid, chorionic villi (CVS) and product of conception (POC) samples.

6 Bottles of the IS Cho CB product6 Bottles of the IS Cho CB product

Quality, performance, and support

With an unrivalled Quality System focused on risk mitigation and quality assurance, you can rely on CHANG media for quality, consistency, and exceptional performance. Our media meet regulatory standards for FDA 510k and CE Mark and are manufactured in compliance with cGMP guidelines.

We are renowned for our individualized customer service to support your lab with services such as lot hold policies and expert technical support from experienced cytogeneticists.

Each cytogenetic sample is precious—making the media used an indispensable tool for successful analysis. This is the reason many leading laboratories rely on CHANG media for all their cytogenetic applications.

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