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Recombinant Human MIP-4 / CCL18

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Macrophage inflammatory protein-4 (MIP-4), also called CCL18, is a chemokine expressed in the lymph nodes, lungs, placenta, and bone marrow. MIP-4 receptors include the chemokine receptor 8 (CCR8), the G protein-coupled receptor 30 (GPR30), and the phosphatidylinositol transfer protein membrane-associate 3 (PITPNM3). MIP-4 acts as a chemoattractant for naive T cells, CD4+ T cells, CD8+ T cells, and nonactivated lymphocytes. Further, MIP-4 promotes breast cancer metastasis and attenuates the activation of acute lymphocytic leukemia B cells.

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Centrifuge vial before opening. Suspend the product by gently pipetting the above recommended solution down the sides of the vial. DO NOT VORTEX. Allow several minutes for complete reconstitution. For prolonged storage, dilute to working aliquots in a 0.1% BSA solution, store at -80°C and avoid repeat freeze thaws.

Technical Specifications

Alternate Names CCL18, PARC, AMAC-1, DC-CK1
Accession Number P55774
Source Genetically modified E.coli
Predicted Molecular Mass Monomer, 7.9 kDa (69 aa)
Formulation Lyophilized from a 0.2 µm filtered solution containing 0.1% Trifluoroacetic Acid (TFA)
Product Reconstitution Sterile water at 0.1 mg/mL
Country of Origin USA


Specification* Method of Determination Acceptance Criteria
Purity Reducing and Non-Reducing SDS PAGE ≥ 95%
Endotoxin Kinetic LAL ≤ 0.1 EU/µg
Biological Activity (ED50) No biological activity data is available at this time No biological activity data is available at this time


*Lot-specific values for the above specifications are supplied with each product on its corresponding COA.  The values provided here are minimum expected values to pass internal requirements.


At or below -20°C
Shelf Life
12 months from date of receipt when stored at -20°C to -80°C as supplied.
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