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Mouse Glioma Culture Media Recombinant Protein Bundle (rm EGF, rm FGF-basic, rm PDGF-AA, rm PDGF-BB)

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Cytokines for cell culture of mouse glioma cells. A glioma is a generic term used to describe tumors that arise from the glia tissue of the brain that supports and surrounds neurons. Glioma tumor cells can be successfully cultured ex vivo with EGF, FGF-basic (or FGF-2), and PDGFs (AA and BB).
Bundle includes:
  • 2x 100 μg of Recombinant Mouse EGF
  • 200 μg of Recombinant Mouse FGF-basic / FGF-2
  • 100 μg of Recombinant Mouse PDGF-AA
  • 100 μg of Recombinant Mouse PDGF-BB

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