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CHO Media Survey Panel

Choosing the ideal cell culture media is an important step in upstream process development. FUJIFILM Irvine Scientific can support your endeavor to identify the perfect media for your cells with our 50+ years of cell culture experience and our extensive, proprietary growth and feed media library. Whether needing to screen catalog products, a few made-to-order products, or several GMP-ready prototypes, FUJIFILM Irvine Scientific’s media selection expertise and technical support can expedite this process.

After a technical consultation with one of FUJIFILM Irvine Scientific’s media development scientists, a panel of sample media will be prescribed based on your specific criteria, along with an evaluation protocol. After you have completed the survey process with your cells, in your lab, the chosen medium can either be further optimized by our staff of 25+ research scientists, or ordered through FUJIFILM Irvine Scientific’s small-scale, non-GMP, quick turnaround Express Media Service (EMS) program. The EMS program allows for additional use and testing at the customer site, and facilitates the scale-up process to large-scale GMP manufacturing.

Ensure a worry-free media selection process with FUJIFILM Irvine Scientific’s technical support, beginning with the Media Survey Panel, all the way to GMP production.

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