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IS Sf Insect

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Serum-free, animal component-free medium for protein expression and viral production using Baculovirus Expression Vector Systems in Sf9 and Sf21 cells.

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    IS Sf Insect delivers reliable growth of Sf9 and Sf21 insect cells in suspension cultures, and supports Baculovirus Expression Vector Systems (BEVS) for robust protein expression, including recombinant proteins and viral-like particles, as well as viral vector production.

    Key benefits include:

    • Animal component-free, serum-free medium supports high cell density, viability, and yield of recombinant proteins in Sf9 and Sf21 suspension cultures
    • Low hydrolysate formulation provides lot-to-lot consistency
    • Recombinant protein expression in a wide variety of expression systems, including the BEVS
    • Single, ready-to-use medium for long-term cultures
    • cGMP manufactured to facilitate a seamless transition from research to commercial production
    • Formulated for scalability, reliability, and quality
    • 1 L bottle; custom packaging upon request

    IS Sf Insect Achieves Robust Growth in Comparison to Other Commercially-available Serum-free Insect Cell Media

    IS Sf Insect supports high viable cell density of Sf9 and SF21 cultures

    Sf9 and Sf21 cells were cultured in IS Sf Insect, or commercially-available media from Supplier 1 (ACF and AD) and Supplier 2 (ACF) for eight days. Viable cell density (VCD) was measured for Sf9 (A) and Sf21 (B) cells. Standard deviation of four replicate cultures represented.


    Handle using aseptic techniques to avoid contamination. Store at 2-8° C, protected from light.
    Shelf Life
    1 year from date of manufacture
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