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FUJIFILM Irvine Scientific Offers Expanded Capabilities of Presagen’s Life Whisperer Platform to aid with Clinical Decision-making in IVF

Genetics AI-based software module added to provide objective scoring of embryo genetic integrity and likelihood of clinical pregnancy

SANTA ANA, California, June 22, 2023 – FUJIFILM Irvine Scientific, Inc., a global leader in the innovation and manufacture of cell culture solutions for the Life Science and Medical markets, today announced the addition of the Life Whisperer Genetics module to its Life Whisperer software package (launched in 2021)1, enabling non-invasive evaluation of embryo genetic integrity during in vitro fertilization (IVF). Life Whisperer Genetics* used in conjunction with Life Whisperer Viability uniquely aids in the clinical selection of blastocysts that may have a greater likelihood of being euploid and resulting in pregnancy using a single platform.

"At Presagen, we continue with our goal to improving health through the implementation of Life Whisperer Genetics artificial intelligence," said Dr. Michelle Perugini, chief executive officer and co-founder at Presagen. "The Life Whisperer platform was developed with a network of IVF clinics around the world to provide a single suite of AI-based technologies for a non-invasive, objective option along with a seamless workflow solution to aid clinicians in the IVF process."

The Life Whisperer platform's artificial intelligence (AI)-based approach analyzes day 5 blastocysts' morphological features that correlate with increased likelihood of clinical pregnancy to produce a confidence score from 0 to 10 across both Life Whisperer Viability and Life Whisperer Genetics modules. Research has shown Life Whisperer Viability may improve selection of viable embryos by up to 25% vs. embryologist assessment alone2. In a simulated cohort study, Life Whisperer Genetics identified the top-ranked embryo as euploid in 82.4% of cohorts3. By using the non-invasive single platform, the embryologist or clinician has an objective assessment and consistent grading2,3 aid to clinical decision-making and helping patients build families.

The Life Whisperer platform is cloud-based and compatible with standard optical microscope and image-capture software to streamline integration into existing IVF workflows. The software uses image drag and drop functionality to generate results quickly, harnessing its objective Life Whisperer Viability and Life Whisperer Genetics grading system to generate patient-centric reports. This reporting feature provides patients with a first-hand look into the decision-making process, increasing transparency and patient knowledge, and opening further discussions between patient and clinician in the IVF process.

Steven Geimer, executive director of Medical Business Unit at FUJIFILM Irvine Scientific, said: "The Life Whisperer platform further solidifies our commitment to introduce new solutions to support embryologists and clinicians in increasing a patient’s pregnancy potential. AI-based analysis is one example of how we continue to push for innovative, non-invasive solutions to provide clinicians with objective decision-making tools in IVF procedures and clinic workflows, thereby assisting in achieving the desired results."

Life Whisperer is available from FUJIFILM Irvine Scientific, sole worldwide distributor, in select regions. Life Whisperer is not authorized for sale in the U.S.A.

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  1. Press release (August 10th, 2021): FUJIFILM Irvine Scientific Becomes Sole Worldwide Distributor of Presagen’s Life Whisperer, Software Application Which Uses AI based Analysis for Assessing Embryo Quality

*Life Whisperer Genetics will be used as an aid during the selection of embryos prior to PGT-A or prenatal testing, whichever the clinic decides to perform.

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