Industrial Cell Culture

Quality products and custom services for bioprocessing needs.

Industrial Cell Culture Industrial Cell Culture

Best-in-class products and custom media services for industrial bioprocessing and cell culture applications.


Assisted Reproductive Technology

Renowned technology since 1986.

Assisted Reproductive Technology Assisted Reprod. Tech.

Foster life at this highly vulnerable phase of development with the highest quality, Assisted Reproductive Technology products that produce consistent and reliable results.



The standard for excellence for optimal cell growth.

Cytogenetics Cytogenetics

Optimized media for the culture of human amniotic fluid, bone marrow, and blood cells.


Cell Therapy

Integrated workflow solutions for stem cells and primary cells.

Cell Therapy Cell Therapy

Providing validated products and custom media services for cell therapy and regenerative medicine applications.


Aug 15 | PR - Irvine Scientific Introduces BalanCD HEK293 System for Large-scale Expression of Proteins and V

New product range includes chemically-defined, serum-free media, to increase…

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Jun 20 | PR -  Irvine Scientific Introduces PRIME-XV Neural Basal Medium

Chemically-defined medium supports long-term culture of neuronal stem cells…

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Biotech Week: BioProcess International (BPI)

Boston Convention and Exhibition Center, Boston, MA
October 04 - October 07, 2016

Biotech Week: Cell & Gene Therapy Bioprocessing & Commercialization

Boston, MA
October 05 - October 07, 2016

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