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For over 25 years, FUJIFILM Irvine Scientific has been a world leader in providing a comprehensive range of prenatal, diagnostic, and cytogenetics products to the healthcare community. We have many levels of cytogenetics offerings to meet our customers' unique needs.

In prenatal cytogenetics, we offer media for culturing amniotic fluid cells, chorionic villi sampling, or tissues using either flask or in situ methodology. In postnatal cytogenetics, we offer media for the culturing of bone marrow aspirates and peripheral blood cells. Use our companion products (including cell culture reagents, solutions, and various enzymes) to supplement or complement media for karyotyping.

FUJIFILM Irvine Scientific strives to be our customers' partner in providing a complete line of specialty products that includes CHANG Medium.

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Success with CHANG Marrow

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CHANG Marrow® is the product of choice for ResearchDX, a Contract Diagnostics Organization that takes personalized medicine to the next level.

CHANG Marrow

Featured Product

CHANG Marrow is a complete, ready-to-use medium optimized to support bone marrow cultures for karyotyping and other genetic testing of various hematological disorders. After an extensive optimization process to create a superior, innovative blend of growth factors, Irvine Scientific’s…


Featured Product

CHANG Amnio is a complete, ready-to-use medium with an antibiotic developed for the culture of human amniotic fluid cells, chorionic villi sampling, and tissues for use in karyotyping and other antenatal testing. With an improved blend of basal media…