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BalanCD CHO DG44 - Liquid

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    BalanCD CHO DG44 is an animal component-free, chemically defined medium that is specifically designed for optimized growth and productivity of high density suspension cultures. The medium delivers consistent productivity from CHO DG44 cultures for cost-effective biomolecule drug development and commercialization.

    • Achieves high titers of monoclonal antibodies and recombinant proteins for commercial drug development
    • Versatile and scalable for small-scale shake flask and small-to-large bioreactor scale
    • Compatible with a range of culture platforms and transfection reagents
    • Supports a variety of DG44 cell strains in both batch and fed-batch cultures
    • Pair with BalanCD CHO Feed 4 for optimal mAbs production in fed-batch cultures

    BalanCD CHO DG44 is for research or further manufacturing uses only.

    Standard Packaging Size: 1 L bottle
    Custom Packaging Sizes: Available upon request.

    For more information on Drug Master Files click here.

    Antibody Production in Multiple CHO DG44 Cell Lines

    Figure 1. Peak titers of multiple DG44 cell lines cultured with BalanCD CHO DG44 or Supplier A, and fed with BalanCD CHO Feed 4 or Supplier A Feed, respectively. Culture vessels in Figure 1 were sampled at regular intervals and measured for antibody titer using biolayer interferometry. Cells grown in BalanCD CHO DG44 increased antibody titers 2-fold to 3-fold, demonstrating improved productivity of multiple independent DG44 cell lines, compared to Supplier A.


    Store at 2-8°C, protect from light.
    Shelf Life
    12 months from date of manufacture.
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