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Topic: Using Chemically Defined Media for Cell Culture
Presenter: Shahram Shahabi, MD, PhD, R&D Manager, Cell and Gene Therapy, FUJIFILM Irvine Scientific


In this webinar, Dr. Shahram Shahabi discusses how to avoid inconsistencies associated with standard cell culture media including: animal serum, ill-defined factors, batch-to-batch variability in composition, and the risk of contamination.  Gain a clearer understanding of the benefits of using serum-free media versus serum-containing media and xeno-free media, as well as how to work with chemically defined (CD) media.

This webinar will provide the insight to help you:

  • Uncover the potential and benefits of chemically defined (CD), serum-free cell culture media
  • Discuss the scientific concerns about cell culturing with serum
  • Discover how to make the switch from serum-based media to chemically defined media

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