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Vitrification Resource Library

Welcome to our Vitrification Training Resource Library, a repository of our protocls for many of the industry's most popular devices to work with our line of vitrification products.

Welcome to our Vitrification Resource Library, a repository of our protocols for many of the industry's most popular devices to work with our line of vitrification products.

Vit Kit - Freeze NX

Catalog ID: 90188

Vit Kit - Warm NX

Catalog ID: 90183

Vit Kit-Freeze

Catalog ID: 90133-SO

Vit Kit-Thaw

Catalog ID: 90137-SO

Vitrification Protocol Videos with Dr. Joseph Conaghan

Oocyte Vitrification Protocol

Oocyte Warming Protocol

Loading, Plunging & Capping a Cryolock Protocol

Animated Vitrification Protocol Videos

Case Studies & Blog Posts

Ovation Case Study

This case study was features a Q&A with Daniel Madero, Director of Third Party Services at Ovation Donor Services, who trialed multiple commercial vit and thaw kits and found that Vit Kit-NX provided the best results.

Vitrification Tips: Blog Post 1

In the first blog post in this series, Dr. Dunja Baston-Büst, Assistant Head of IVF Laboratory, University Fertility Center Düsseldorf (UniKid), Germany, discusses the importance of, and provides tips on, collapsing and assisted hatching blastocysts. 

Vitrification Tips: Blog Post 2

In the second blog post in the series, Dr. Joe Conaghan, Laboratory Director at the Pacific Fertility Center, shares his tips and tricks for the vitrification process as a whole, as well as loading and warming embryos and oocytes. 

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Leading Product Innovation

Vit Kit-NX

The adaptable, cost-effective Vit Kit-NX system provides flexible vitrification solutions for the modern IVF laboratory. Comprised of Vit Kit – Freeze NX and Vit Kit – Warm NX, this updated system provides a smooth transition for embryologists utilizing our original vitrification system.

Continuous Single Culture-NX (CSCM-NX)

Help give embryos the best possible start with CSCM-NX,  a low-lactate, single-step medium, clinically proven to improve blastocyst development.

Arctic Sperm Cryopreservation

Improve post-thaw performance and reduce costs with Arctic Sperm Cryopreservation Medium, a dual-buffered sperm freezing solution designed to answer the needs of today's andrology laboratory.

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New Sole Distributorship

Discover Life Whisperer Viability and improve embryo selection using objective AI-based analysis.

Learn how you can improve embryo selection with Life Whisperer Viability, an objective, non-invasive web application based on artificial intelligence (AI). Using AI-based analysis to assess embryo viability, it is specifically designed to help improve selection of viable embryos up to 25% above manual assessment.1

Available from FUJIFILM Irvine Scientific in select regions of Europe and Asia Pacific. Not available for sale in the US.

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  1. Life Whisperer Viability is a software application for assessment of embryo images, intended to be used for clinical decision support to aid in the selection of embryos during in vitro fertilization (IVF) procedures. Not intended to be used as direct diagnostics. Any treatment decisions should be made in combination with other methods of embryo evaluation, and the user's own expert opinion, according to institutional procedures. VerMilyea M, Hall JMM, Diakiw SM, et al. Hum Reprod. 2020;35(4):770-784.

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