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Vit Kit-NX Promotion

Limited Time Offer

Discover how Vit Kit - Freeze NX and Vit Kit - Warm NX formulas deliver high survival rates for your cryopreservation program.

Please fill out the form below to receive complimentary samples of Vit Kit - Freeze NX and Vit Kit - Warm NX with promo code: VITKITNX.

Order your samples today for an evaluation at no charge to experience how Vit Kit-NX integrates recent advancements in the culture and handling steps of IVF to provide a next-generation cryopreservation solution.

  • Built on Continuous Single Culture Medium: a modern embryo culture medium that delivers a consistent, embryo-friendly environment through the IVF cycle
  • Maximum protection during vitrification with a HEPES and MOPS buffered solution
  • Minimal disruption to your laboratory: Vit Kit-NX utilizes a similar protocol to original Vit Kit and can be used to warm specimens frozen in Vit Kit - Freeze.

As part of the sample evaluation process, and to ensure the best outcome of your sample evaluation, a FUJIFILM Irvine Scientific Technical Application Scientist or Territory Manager will reach out to you upon the submission of this online request form to discuss recommendations toward the most suitable application in advance of any sample shipment.

Once you have received a sample, we ask that all recipients provide results and feedback to our technical support team within 3 months of receiving the sample. Preferably, results should be returned within 30-60 days after you have completed evaluation of the sample. Additionally, samples are limited to one kit of of Vit Kit - Freeze NX and Vit Kit - Warm NX per laboratory.

Offer available while supplies last. One request per customer. Void where prohibited by federal, state, local laws, agency or institution guidelines. Restrictions may apply.

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