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SLM Polar Body Biopsy Pipettes

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Remove polar bodies from human oocytes and embryos

Variation Stock SKU Unit Price Qty
15X-30 Inquire for Availability SPB-15X-30
15Z-30 In Stock SPB-15Z-30

The thinner diameter of Polar Body Biopsy Pipettes make them ideal for removing polar bodies from human oocytes and embryos for pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD). These pipettes are designed with a fire polished edge to avoid damage to the cell membrane.

These micropipettes are made by Sunlight Medical (SLM) and distributed by FUJIFILM Irvine Scientific.

Quality and precision you can trust:

  • Each micropipette is handmade and examined
  • History of each pipette, from material to technician, is controlled and tracked
  • Secure packaging that is color-coded for easy identification
  • Mouse embryo assay tested
  • Gamma irradiated

This product is only available for order in the US.

Packed and sold in boxes of 10 pipettes

Catalog #    Inner Diameter (µm)          Tip Style          Tip Angle   
      SPB-15X-30       13 - 15 Beveled    30°   
      SPB-15Z-30       13 - 15 Flat    30°


Store at 15-30°C
Shelf Life
3 years
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