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Articles by tag "91154"

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  1. PRIME-XV T Cell CDM
  2. T Cell Activation and Expansion in G-Rex Multi-Well Cell Culture Plates Protocol
  3. A Chemically-Defined, Animal Component-Free Ex Vivo Expansion Process for Activated Human T Cells
  4. Benchtop to Bioreactor: T-Cell Culture and Expansion in Chemically Defined Media
  5. PRIME-XV T Cell CDM
  6. Tselikova, A.A. et al. (2020) Benchtop to bioreactor: T-cell culture and expansion in chemically defined media. Cytotherapy.
  7. Weist, M. et al. (2020) Development of a new semi-automated closed modular system for CAR-T cell therapy manufacturing. Cytotherapy.
  8. OPEN ACCESS: Chen, Yunshuo et al. (2021) Therapeutic Potential of TNFα and IL1β Blockade for CRS/ICANS in CAR-T Therapy via Ameliorating Endothelial Activation. Frontiers in Immunology.
  9. Cryopreservation Protocol for PBMCs and T Cells Using PRIME-XV FreezIS DMSO-Free Cryopreservation Medium
  10. Freeze, Thaw, and Expand: Scale-Up T Cell Workflow In Chemically Defined Media

Items 1-10 of 15

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