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General ART FAQ

Q. How long after opening bottles can we use the products?

A. When stored as directed, products are stable until the expiration date shown on the bottle. Upon opening the bottles, refer to the product insert for the recommended usage time.

Q. Is it ok to aliquot into smaller vials?

A. As long as the clinic works in an aseptic, sterile environment, the products can be aliquoted into smaller bottles or vials and stored per the directions. Please note that we cannot guarantee that the aliquots are of the same high quality as products manufactured and bottled at FUJIFILM Irvine Scientific. For this very reason, we offer multiple configurations and sizes. To stay in-line with manufacturing protocol, it is recommended that if you are aliquoting from a plastic bottle, then use a plastic bottle for the aliquot. As a general recommendation, do not use products that have been opened that show a change in color, contain particulate matter, or show any evidence of contamination.

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