CryoTip FAQ

Q. If you open a package of CryoTips, how can you maintain the sterility of the tips in order to use the others later?

A. The CryoTips are packaged at 5 per pack and the best way to maintain their sterility is to always open and remove tips from the pack in a sterile environment (laminar flow hood). Before removing the pack containing any remaining (unused) tips from the sterile environment, the pack should be taped closed (fold over the open end and tape closed as is typically done with sleeves of culture dishes), in order to maintain sterility of the contents for future use. Alternatively, the open pack of CryoTips can be stored in the laminar flow hood until later use if space allows.

Q. Do CryoTips need to be inspected prior to use?

A. As an added precaution during the preparation procedure, we recommend that each CryoTip is carefully examined when taken out of the package. Prior to use, all CryoTips should be examined under a suitable magnification (40x power) for possible damage (such as tip breakages or cracks) that may have occurred during transport.

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