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Cell Cryopreservation Solutions FAQ

Q. What are the main components in PRIME-XV FreezIS?

A. The PRIME-XV FreezIS formulation is proprietary. However, it is composed of a serum-free, protein-free aqueous solution which containing various sugars, salts and buffers to provide optimal pH buffering. PRIME-XV FreezIS also contains 10% DMSO. All raw material components are USP/ multi-compendial or highest available grade, including Water for Injection (WFI) Quality Water and was made under GMP conditions.

Q. Is PRIME-XV Stem FreezIS DMSO-Free, protein-free and animal component-free?

A. The formulation of PRIME-XV Stem FreezIS DMSO-Free is protein-free and animal component-free.

Q. How many years can the FreezIS media can support cells for?

A. FreezIS is like any other cryopreservation solutions (both commercially available and home brew). Once cells are locked down in liquid nitrogen and don't experience temperature shifts, cells can be stored for quite a long time. The most crucial points are the freezing and thawing process, freezing should be slow (to prevent ice crystals forming) and a fast thaw.

Q. The datasheet for PRIME-XV Stem FreezIS DMSO-Free recommends banking MSC cells at 0.5-1x106 cells/mL. Can they be banked at a higher concentration?

A. Our validation work was based on 0.5- 1x106 cells/mL. Cryopreservation at higher concentrations requires customers own validation.

Q. What cell types can be cryopreserved with PRIME-XV Stem FreezIS DMSO-Free?

A. PRIME-XV Stem FreezIS DMSO-Free is recommended mainly for the cryopreservation of human mesenchymal stem/stromal cells (MSCs) and potentially cells from a similar lineage pending customer’s own validation.

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