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MEGA Assay

Modernizing Quality Control in IVF

FUJIFILM Irvine Scientific has developed an innovative, new genetic mouse embryo assay called MEGA. MEGA is more sensitive than the conventional mouse embryo assay and enables increased sensitivity for detecting embryotoxicity in raw materials prior to manufacture. Using embryos from a genetically-engineered mouse strain, MEGA employs fluorescence-based detection of developmentally-regulated gene expression to assess embryos throughout the development stages, including at the earliest stages of growth. With MEGA, your ability to detect suboptimal components is significantly improved.

Educational Videos

MEGA - the next generation of the mouse embryo assay
Jessie Ni, Ph.D., Chief Scientific Officer

What you will learn about:

  • What the MEGA assay is
  • How MEGA assay can be applied and used in both the development and quality control of reagents used in assisted reproductive technologies
  • A case study featuring MEGA

Modernizing quality of IVF media with the MEGA assay

Applying quality by design to media development
Jinous Saeedi, Manager of Compliance Quality System

What you will learn about:

  • Our product design control processes that ensure high quality raw materials and finished goods
  • MEGA’s fit within the FUJIFILM Irvine Scientific quality system

Qualifying key raw materials for IVF with MEGA
Elizabeth White, Scientist

  • Why oil and protein are critical raw materials to test for embryotoxicity
  • How MEGA replaced the mouse embryo assay for testing key raw materials
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