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Media Development and Optimization

Make it Your Media

Solutions for Biomanufacturing

Biotherapeutics change lives, and FUJIFILM Irvine Scientific helps make this possible by supporting countless innovators in the biopharmaceutical, vaccine, and gene therapy industries with the development and optimization of custom cell culture media solutions. We work collaboratively with you to discover, develop, and optimize media that maximize the potential of your cell line and product performance, while delivering the personalized service and support you expect from a leader in cell culture media.

Custom Media Development

Custom media development services start with a promising formulation, for example from our Media Survey Panel, your own formulation, or a classic or catalog medium, and modify it for your specific needs. Support from our highly qualified scientific team within R&D makes all the difference between “a medium” and “your medium.”

Media Development Services

Beginning with a promising medium formulation—either yours or one of ours—we develop it further via our Media Development and Optimization (MDO) Services. Depending on your available time, instrumentation, and personnel, you may proceed with either a Media Optimization Panel or Complete Service MDO option to develop your new media.

Media Survey Panel

Discovering the optimal cell culture solution begins with evaluating a curated Media Survey Panel from FUJIFILM Irvine Scientific. Each Media Survey Panel is shipped to you in as little as 10 business days and features a diverse selection of off-the-shelf, made-to-order, and cGMP-ready media samples, customized for your cell line and application, as well as the evaluation protocols necessary to maximize performance. All of our media are formulated for scalability, quality, and process consistency—this is where the development of custom media begins.

Media Optimization Panel (MOP)

Your project is conducted within your laboratory, with protocols, instructions, and the custom media necessary to perform the cell culture experiments provided by FUJIFILM Irvine Scientific. With each MOP, we design the experiments, send the custom media panel, help you analyze the results, and manage the timeline while you control the speed of development.

Complete Service (CS)

Your project is conducted within FUJIFILM Irvine Scientific’s laboratories to develop and deliver a cell culture media solution that meets your specific process requirements, such as improved cell growth, maximal titer, and desired product quality.

With a Complete Service MDO, we are able to deliver the most improvement in a shorter amount of time than with MOP, since all of the work is performed in-house at FUJIFILM Irvine Scientific. You may halt the optimization process at any time that satisfactory results are achieved.

Analysis options to support the development of your cell culture media and Express Media Service (EMS) for testing media feasibility before scale-up, are also available to help make this your media.

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