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Manufacturing Science and Technology

Improve. Integrate. Simplify.

An efficient bioprocessing workflow is crucial for the timely production of biologics and therapies. Understanding the critical points in the manufacturing process helps facilitate efforts to reduce risk and cost during late-stage development. With the Manufacturing Science and Technology (MSAT) service from FUJIFILM Irvine Scientific, our R&D scientists work with users to simplify cell culture media process workflows by analyzing and improving media and buffer preparation. By reducing the risks associated with handling, weighing, transferring, and adjusting culture media; the MSAT service improves the reliability of the media preparation process. As a result, manufacturers will gain better assurance of the safety and quality of their biologics and therapies.

Manufacturing Science and Technology service delivers improved workflow solutions:

  • Simplified media preparation
  • Easy-to-use formulas
  • Reduced labor hours
  • Scalable solutions from bench-scale and pilot, to cGMP manufacturing
  • Risk mitigation through reduced human intervention
  • Supply continuity through lean manufacturing
  • Optimized drug substance manufacturing efficiency


Analyze media preparation and hydration strategy


Medium design and engineering


Improve handling methods and reduce adjustment steps

The Manufacturing Science and Technology (MSAT) service collaborates with users to develop more user-friendly production media with a less-complicated preparation method.

Streamline the workflow

R&D scientists from our Manufacturing Science and Technology service improve the media preparation process by resolving issues with hydration, mixing and handling methods, consistency, and multi-step preparation methods. The MSAT process is supported by media preparation in bench-scale models, and can be confirmed through pilot lots manufactured in our Express Media Service. Improving media preparation processes reduces hands-on time, risks, and drug substance manufacturing costs while maximizing process robustness for biologic and therapy manufacturing. Backed by more than 50 years of media expertise, the Manufacturing Science and Technology service reduces time and effort spent making liquid media, so users can focus on manufacturing their products.

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