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We recognize the impact the COVID-19 pandemic is having on many in the Assisted Reproductive Technology community. When the time comes, we want to help your laboratory get back up and running. FUJIFILM Irvine Scientific will provide a “one-time” free replacement of products that have expired due to COVID-19 closures and disruptions. Products that will expire within seven days of a lab re-opening and starting new cycles will also be replaced.

This offer will be in effect through the pandemic and is available globally, until further notice. Replacement order is limited to one per customer.

Who is eligible?
Any IVF clinic that has suspended or significantly reduced cycles due to COVID-19.

What products can we replace?
We will provide a free replacement for products that expire during COVID-19 related closures. Products that expire within seven days of your laboratory re-opening also qualify for replacement. Competitor products can be replaced if you are unable to obtain them from your usual supplier, and comparable FUJIFILM Irvine Scientific products are available.

Below is the list of products that we are offering as replacements. Additional products from FUJIFILM Irvine Scientific’s product portfolio may be offered at our discretion. No guarantee of availability will be made by FUJIFILM Irvine Scientific, although every effort will be made in good faith to supply a laboratory in need.

Product Use Replacement Product Replaces
Embryo Culture 90167-60mL CSCM-NX
90168-2x20mL CSCM-NXC
90164-60mL CSCM
90165-2x20mL CSCM-C
90164, 90165, 90167, 90168, 90125, 90138, 90139
Sperm, Oocyte, or Embryo Handling 90166-100mL MHM-C
90163-100mL MHM
90126-100mL mHTF
90163, 90166, 9983, 90126, 99168
Sperm Separation 99264-12x6mL ISolate
99264-2x50mL ISolate
99275-100mL ISolate
99306-100mL ISolate
99264, 99275, 99306
Sperm Immobilization 90121-5x0.5mL PVP 7%
90123-5x0.5mL PVP 10%
90121, 90123, 99219
Oocyte Denudation 90101-5x1mL Hyaluronidase 90101
Oil Overlay 9305-100mL Oil for Embryo Culture
9305-500mL Oil for Embryo Culture
Sperm Freezing 90170-12x5mL Arctic Sperm Cryopreservation Medium
90128 TYB
90128, 90129, 90170
Oocyte and Embryo Vitrification 90133-SO Vit Kit-Freeze
90137-SO Vit Kit-Thaw
90188 Vit Kit - Freeze NX (if available)
90183 Vit Kit - Warm NX (if available)
90133-SO, 90137-SO, 90188, 90183
Supplementation 9988-12x5mL HSA
9988-100mL HSA

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