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Custom Media Services Request

Developing Custom Media Solutions for Biomanufacturing

Biotherapeutics change lives, and FUJIFILM Irvine Scientific helps make this possible by supporting countless innovators in the biopharmaceutical, vaccine, and gene therapy industries with the development and optimization of cell culture media solutions. We work collaboratively with you to discover, develop, and perfect media that maximize the potential of your cell line and protein/product performance, while delivering the service and support you expect from a leader in cell culture media.

Life-changing therapies are based upon the foundation of optimal cell culture media, and finding the right media solution starts with support from the R&D experts at FUJIFILM Irvine Scientific. As a leader in cell culture media manufacturing since 1970, we understand how to help you create a custom media solution and bring it full-scale for commercialization. Off-the-shelf products serve as an excellent starting point. However, optimized custom formulations can further elevate your specific cell line and process by achieving higher titers and improved product quality.

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