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PS Capture Exosome ELISA Kit

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The PS Capture Exosome ELISA Kit (Streptavidin HRP) is an enzyme immunoassay kit that supports qualitative and quantitative analyses of extracellular vesicles (EVs) in cell culture supernatant and body fluid samples. Developed by applying affinity binding of Tim4 protein with exosomes, PS Capture Exosome ELISA Kit is capable of detecting exosomes at a sensitivity higher than that of Western Blot analysis and conventional ELISA methods. This kit is capable of using the antibodies of a variety of animal species and lectins for primary detection by labeling with biotin.


  • Highly sensitive qualitative analysis (50–1000 times that of Western Blot)
  • Direct qualitative/quantitative analysis of exosomes in the culture supernatant and body fluids
  • Helps conserve valuable exosomes—1/10–1/1000 fewer than the number required for WB)

Kit Contents:

  • Enough for 96 reactions

Kit Components:

Exosome Capture 96 Well Plate

8 well × 12 strips/ plate

Reaction Buffer

1 x 80 mL vial

Washing Buffer (10X)

1 x 100 mL vial

Exosome Binding Enhancer (100X)

1 x 10 mL vial

Control Biotinylated Antibody Anti-CD63 (100X)

1 x 120 µL vial

HRP-conjugated Streptavidin (100X)

1 x 240 µL vial

TMB Solution

1 x 12 mL vial

Stop Solution

1 x 12 mL vial

Plate Seal

4 sheets


This kit does not include biotinylated antibody for the detection of any surface markers, other than human CD63.

Made by FUJIFILM Wako Pure Chemical Corporation and distributed by FUJIFILM Irvine Scientific.


Shelf Life
12 months from date of manufacture
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