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PRIME-XV T Cell Expansion XSFM

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T cell expansion with xeno-free, serum-free medium

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    PRIME-XV T Cell XSFM is a xeno-free and serum-free culture medium that supports the expansion and reactivation of human T cells, as well as the transition from preclinical to clinical applications for immunotherapy therapeutics.

    Provides Optimal Performance

    Xeno-free, serum-free medium for T cell culture

    • Optimized for activation and expansion of human T lymphocytes
    • Maintains potency of major T cells subsets such as, CD4+ and CD8+
    • Supports expansion of re-activated T cells
    • Serum-free and xeno-free formulation reduces risk of contamination and provides lot-to-lot consistency
    • Contains gentamicin for reduced contamination of culture components

    Designed and manufactured to facilitate transfer from research to clinic. Supported by robust raw material controls and supply chain management.

    • FDA, Federal, and State registered - cGMP-compliant manufacture
    • EN ISO 13485:2016 certified
    • MDSAP certified
    • Extensive QC testing including functionality, sterility (USP <71>), endotoxin (USP <85>), and mycoplasma (USP <63>)
    • Drug Master Files (DMFs) filed with the FDA – available upon request

    Custom sizes and packaging available upon request.

    Contact us for international pricing and custom formulations.


    This product is shipped at 2-8°C with cold packs. Upon receipt, store immediately at 2-8°C and protect from light.
    Shelf Life
    Handle using aseptic techniques to avoid contamination. Unopened liquid medium is stable for 18 months from date of manufacture, as indicated on the label.
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