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MagCapture Exosome Isolation Kit PS

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The MagCapture Exosome Isolation Kit PS enables easy isolation of exosomes and other extracellular vesicles (EVs) at high yield from cell culture medium and body fluids using a normal centrifuge. The kit adopts a novel affinity purification method using magnetic beads, PS affinity purification, resulting in exosomes and EVs with higher purity and yield than those isolated using ultracentrifugation. Exosomes and EVs isolated using this kit retain their structure, facilitating their further analysis and use in various applications.


  • Achieve high purity exosomes and other EVs without the need for ultracentrifugation
  • Isolate intact exosomes and EVs to enable further analysis and use in applications
  • High reproducibility and stable yield
  • Isolate exosomes and EVs from cell culture medium and most biofluids including serum, plasma, and urine

Kit Contents:

  • Two sizes available; 2 purifications or 10 purifications
  • Only additional reagent needed is tris buffer saline, TBS (as necessary)

Kit Components:


2 purification kit

10 purification kit

Streptavidin Magnetic Beads (can be used multiple times)

1 x 120 µL tube

1 x 600 µL tube

Biotin-labeled Exosome Capture

1 x 20 µL tube

1 x 100 µL tube

Exosome Capture Immobilizing Buffer

1 x 7 mL bottle

1 x 35 mL bottle

Exosome Binding Enhancer (500X)

1 x 100 µL tube

1 x 500 µL tube

Washing Buffer

1 x 30 mL bottle

2 x 75 mL bottles

Exosome Elution Buffer

1 x 1 mL bottle

5 x 1 mL bottles

Reaction Tubes

4 x reaction tubes

22 x reaction tubes


The product will be shipped with cold packs and should be stored at 4°C upon arrival.
Shelf Life
36 months from date of manufacture
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