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The Path Towards Affordable Advanced Therapies

The Path Towards Affordable Advanced Therapies

Erik Vaessen, Head of Sales and Marketing – Bioproduction, and Cell & Gene Therapy at FUJIFILM Irvine Scientific, recently spoke with Phacilitate—a market leader dedicated to connecting the world of advanced therapies. Touching on a range of topics, from chemically-defined media to allogeneic therapies, Vaessen discussed the role cell culture media plays in developing affordable, advanced therapies.

The interview began with Vaessen identifying automation as one of the keys to improving the efficiency and workflow for cell therapy manufacturing. Enhanced technologies and automation are needed to streamline the many steps that are often involved in the cell therapy manufacturing process. In turn, this is why FUJIFILM Irvine Scientific has built our custom media development and manufacturing services to provide efficient, flexible solutions for automation.

The interview then transitioned into the importance of high-performing cell culture media formulations. Vaessen noted chemically-defined media as essential to the future of advanced therapies. They not only provide more control and consistency in therapy, but also reduce the risk of introducing unknown and undesirable components to a patient.

When asked about developing affordable advanced therapies, Vaessen highlighted the shift towards allogeneic therapies as a solution for reducing costs as well as improving the current manufacturing capacity challenge. Allogeneic lot sizes are much larger than those of autologous therapies. Allogeneic therapies are also more easily scaled up to large batch sizes enabling more cost-effective commercial production.

Vaessen concluded the interview by reviewing the services and solutions we provide to our customers to identify and eliminate their manufacturing and development bottlenecks. We view our relationship with customers as a partnership with open, honest communication throughout the entire process. Additionally, we work closely with thought leaders and consortium teams to help drive industry-wide advancements and solutions.

To gain more insight into Vaessen’s views on the future of advanced therapies, read the full interview.

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