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ALL IN on Innovation: The Next Generation of Embryo Culture Supplementation

<em>ALL IN</em> on Innovation: The Next Generation of Embryo Culture Supplementation

During most IVF workflows, additional ingredients are required to create an optimal embryo environment. One such ingredient is protein, which is critical for supporting higher implantation and pregnancy rates. A high-quality protein supplement can maintain a high-yield culture while fitting into any workflow, whether that is a sequential or uninterrupted culture protocol.

SSS-NX (Serum Substitute Supplement – NX) is the latest addition to the broad selection of IVF products offered by FUJIFILM Irvine Scientific. SSS-NX is a protein supplement that builds on the best qualities of our original SSS formulation, including a high alpha (α) and beta (β) globulin concentration, while improving on appearance and availability.

Benefits of protein supplementation

Adding a protein supplement to an embryo culture is generally recommended when using a culture medium that is not pre-supplemented from the manufacturer. Protein is a potent osmolyte and thought to protect embryos from osmotic stress when exposed to cryoprotectants during the vitrification process and reduce the potential for toxicity.1

Additionally, various studies have found that using protein supplements containing α and β globulins appears to be a superior source for nutrients that promote:

  • blastocyst formation2
  • hatching2
  • fertilization3
  • implantation rates4

High-quality formulation for better results

As with all FUJIFILM Irvine Scientific products, quality is at the center of everything. SSS-NX is formulated to support an optimal embryo environment by containing higher levels of α and β globulins than similar products.

Product details

Contains approximately 50 mg/mL, or 5% (w/v), of total protein consisting of:

  • ≥ 41.5 mg/mL HSA (≥ 83%)
  • ≤ 8.5 mg/mL αβ globulins (≤ 17%) and gamma globulins (≤ 1%)

Optimize your workflow

FUJIFILM Irvine Scientific offers an extensive suite of IVF products that create a streamlined, straightforward process focused on improving results and providing a consistent, uninterrupted embryo environment throughout the IVF journey.

SSS-NX integrates seamlessly into our IVF platform and is a great complement to the low-lactate, single-step system anchored by CSCM-NX, a clinically proven solution that can improve blastocyst development from fertilization through culture.


Our system is designed to make your job easier while improving results. When used together, it can help take embryos further.

ALL IN on all your IVF needs

FUJIFILM Irvine Scientific is ALL IN on providing embryologists with top quality media solutions. From handling, vitrification, culturing, and supplementation, our website is a one-stop-shop for the whole process. We are always adding and improving products to fit your needs, and SSS-NX is another example of how we listen to customer feedback and remain focused on constantly innovating. To learn more about our collection of IVF products, click the button below.

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