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Water for Injection (WFI) Quality Water

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    Water for Injection (WFI)* Quality Water is the most suitable water available for producing cell culture media, reconstitution of biochemical reagents, and as a final rinse water for critical applications. WFI Quality Water meets USP, PhEur, and JP grade specifications and is 0.1µm sterile filtered at time of fill. It contains no added substances.

    Standard Packaging Sizes: 1 L bottle, 20 L carboy, 20 L bioprocess container (BPC), 200 L BPC

    Custom Packaging Sizes: 5 L, 10 L, 100 L BPCs available upon request.

    Contact us to purchase any standard or custom sizes larger than 1 L.

    *Not for parenteral use.


    Store at 2-30°C
    Shelf Life
    24 months from date of manufacture
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