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BalanCD HEK293 Feed

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Enhance post-transfection growth and protein production of multiple HEk293 cell lines

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BalanCD HEK293 Feed is formulated to significantly increase protein yields in suspension-adapted HEK293 cell lines post-transfection.

  • Increase viable cell density and culture duration to maximize yield
  • Use the same Feed for a wide range of HEK293 cell lines
  • Fulfill regulatory requirements

    • Chemically-defined, animal component-free formula
    • Drug Master File (DMF) submitted to US FDA

Two-fold increase in titer compared to other commercially-available media

HEK293-6E cells were cultured in duplicate 125mL Erlenmeyer flasks with a 30 mL working volume. Cells were seeded at 3 x 105 cells/mL in BalanCD HEK 293 medium. PEI-mediated transfection was performed on day 3 to produce a biosimilar antibody. BalanCD HEK293 medium was supplemented with a 5% v/v addition of BalanCD HEK293 Feed on days 1-4 post-transfection.  Protein titer was measured on days 7, 9, and 11 post-transfection. Cultures terminated when viability dropped below 70%, (data not shown). Data shown represents the average of two duplicate cultures.


Store at 2-8°C
Shelf Life
1 year from date of manufacture
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