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Vit Kit-Freeze

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Vit Kit-Freeze is a versatile system designed to reduce the cost of vitrification and yield high-survival rates.

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This device is restricted to be sold to and used by licensed healthcare practitioners for assisted reproduction procedures in a clinical laboratory setting.

Vit Kit Freeze is a flexible, cost-effective system for use in the vitrification of oocytes (MII), pronuclear (PN) zygotes, cleavage stage embryos, and blastocyst stage embryos. With survival rates ranging between 90-99%, and featuring low-volume protocols, Vit Kit Freeze can support your laboratory by reducing the cost of vitrification and ensuring consistent, high-survival rates.

Key benefits:

  • Our microdrop protocol delivers more use per kit to help reduce costs
  • The first vitrification media approved for oocyte vitrification in the USA
  • One year shelf-life for unopened products and an eight week shelf-life for open products help to minimize waste
  • Ready to use—no mixing required
  • Compatible with any vitrification device

Each kit contains:

  • 2 Vials of ES (Equilibration Solution, 2 x 1 mL)
    • 7.5% DMSO
    • 7.5% ethylene glycol
    • 20% DSS
    • Gentamicin
    • In a M-199 HEPES Buffered Medium
  • 2 Vials of VS (Vitrification Solution, 2 x 1 mL)
    • 15% DMSO
    • 15% ethylene glycol
    • 0.5 M sucrose
    • 20% DSS
    • Gentamicin
    • In a M-199 HEPES Buffered Medium


Shelf Life
1 year from date of manufacture
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