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Glass micropipettes used for denudation, and gamete and embryo transfer

Variation Stock SKU Unit Price Qty
130 5 SDP-130
Unit Price $75.00
140 89 SDP-140
Unit Price $75.00
150 46 SDP-150
Unit Price $75.00
170 2 SDP-170
Unit Price $75.00
70P Out of Stock SDP-70P
Unit Price $75.00
80P Out of Stock SDP-80P
Unit Price $75.00
100P Out of Stock SDP-100P
Unit Price $75.00
250P 5 SDP-250P
Unit Price $75.00
290P 2 SDP-290P
Unit Price $75.00
320P 3 SDP-320P
Unit Price $75.00

Denuding micropipettes used for denudation, and the manipulation and transfer of gametes and embryos. Each pipette is hand-made with borosilicate glass, known for its high stability and resistance to corrosion. Glass pipettes reduce the chance of oil drops attaching inside the pipette and damaging the oocyte or embryo compared to plastic pipettes.

Available with polished or unpolished glass. Unpolished pipettes are ideal for denudation of the cumulus cells attached to the zona pellucida prior to micromanipulation procedures. Polished glass pipettes are idea for transferring blastomeres, oocytes, and embryos during assisted reproductive procedures.

These micropipettes are made by Sunlight Medical (SLM) and distributed by FUJIFILM Irvine Scientific.

Quality and precision you can trust:

  • Each micropipette is handmade and examined
  • History of each pipette, from material to technician, is controlled and tracked
  • Secure packaging that is color-coded for easy identification
  • Mouse embryo assay tested
  • Gamma irradiated

This product is only available for order in the US.

Packed and sold in boxes of 10 pipettes

Catalog #    Inner Diameter (µm)       Tip Style   
      SDP-130       130 - 134   Unpolished  
   SDP-140    135 - 144 Unpolished 
SDP-150 145 - 154 Unpolished
SDP-170 165 - 174 Unpolished
SDP-70P 65 - 74 Polished
SDP-80P 75 - 84 Polished
SDP-100P 100 - 119 Polished
SDP-250P 250 - 289 Polished
SDP-290P 290 - 319 Polished
SDP-320P 320 - 360 Polished


Store at 15-30°C
Shelf Life
3 years
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