Heavy Oil for Embryo Culture

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Heavy Oil for Embryo Culture is a sterile heavy mineral oil used as an overlay when culturing small volumes of media to protect the fertilized embryo - preventing evaporation, changes in osmolality, and pH shifts, while providing the optimal in vitro environment for development.

An extra blanket of protection for your embryo culture with optimal handling viscosity, each lot of Heavy Oil is validated by rigorous quality testing procedures for sterility, endotoxin, HSSA and MEA, with POV values reported on the COA for clear visibility.

  • Ideal handling viscosity for IVF processes
  • Superior quality control with MEGA - our unique genetic mouse embryo assay for added security
  • POV values reported on the COA to assure quality and confidence


Storage at 2-8°C
Shelf Life
2 years from date of manufacture. 8 weeks after opening.
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