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When you publish your research referencing Irvine Scientific media (PRIME-XV® and/or Classical Media), let us know and we will provide another medium or growth factor of your choice at no cost. Also, receive an Irvine Scientific t-shirt!

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Terms and Conditions:
Receive one (1) free medium or growth factor of choice and one (1) Irvine Scientific “Nerdy” t-shirt for your article published in a peer-reviewed journal referencing any Irvine Scientific PRIME-XV or Classical Media product. Product Name and Product Number must be correctly stated. Request form must be completed and submitted within 2 years of publication date. Complimentary medium or growth factor and t-shirt will be sent within 4-6 weeks upon confirmed eligibility and product availability. Value of chosen medium or growth factor provided shall not exceed total amount of previous order. Limit 1 offer per publication, per lab, while supplies last. By participating in this Publication Rewards Program, you consent to have your article cited on Irvine Scientific’s website and wherein other collateral.