P-1 Medium with Gentamicin

Catalog ID: 99242
99242 - P-1 Medium with Gentamicin
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P-1 Medium with Gentamicin
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P-1 Medium is intended for use in culturing human gametes and embryos during fertilization and growth through Day 3 of development. P-1 Medium was developed by Dr. Thomas B. Pool, Fertility Center of San Antonio, based upon the original HTF formula but modified to provide a glucose-free and phosphate-free environment. This formulation also contains taurine, an amino acid shown to have protective and embryogenic functions. P-1 Medium is bicarbonate-based and is designed for procedures utilizing a CO2 incubator.

Requires Protein Supplementation. 100 mL.


Store at 2-8°C

Shelf Life

64 days from date of manufacture