Sperm Maintenance Medium

Catalog ID: 99176

Sperm cryopreservation medium to minimize dilution of low quality semen for sperm freezing and preservation

99176 - Sperm Maintenance Medium
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Sperm Maintenance Medium
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Sperm Maintenance Medium uses only 1 mL of medium per 3 mL of semen or sperm. This more efficient medium means lower costs per cycle of sperm cryopreservation, minimal dilution of low quality semen, and potentially fewer straws/vials per patient. Sperm Maintenance Medium has similar performance to Freezing Medium TYB, a TEST-yolk buffer based sperm cryopreservation medium, without containing egg yolk (Es-slami, 2009). The medium’s unique formulation contains ingredients, such as hypotaurine and ascorbic acid, that have been shown to protect against reactive oxygen species.

• CE Marked
• Contains:
  - 28% v/v glycerol for a 3:1 ratio of semen to medium
  - Antioxidants, such as hypotaurine and ascorbic acid
  - Human Serum Albumin
  - Sucrose
  - Pluronic F-68

Quality Control Testing:
• Endotoxin by Limulus Amebocyte Lysate (LAL)
• Sperm Cryosurvival assay
• Sterility by the current USP , CFR or Ph. Eur. Sterility Test
• pH
• Osmolality


Store below -10°C

Shelf Life

Product should be used within (8) weeks from opening when stored under the recommended conditions of 2° to 8°C.

Es-Slami S et al. Comparison of TEST-yolk buffer free sperm cryopreservation media to a TEST-yolk buffer based sperm freezing medium.  ISIVF 2009 poster.