PRIME-XV Neural Basal Medium

Catalog ID: 91201

Chemically-defined medium that maintains functionality with optimal expansion and long term viability of neural and neuronal cultures

91201 PRIME-XV Neural Basal Medium
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PRIME-XV Neural Basal Medium
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PRIME-XV Neural Basal Medium is a chemically-defined, animal component-free medium that supports a range of applications for neural stem cells.

Generation and expansion of iPSC-derived NPCs
Generate and expand neural progenitors from iPSCs or ESCs while maintaining their multipotency.

Long-term neuronal culture
PRIME-XV Neural Basal Medium used with PRIME-XV IS21 neural supplement provides a complete optimized solution for neuronal culture maintaining viability and morphology, and minimizing glial contamination. PRIME-XV products are optimized for efficacy and consistency in neural culture thereby eliminating the time-consuming tests of neural supplements.

Achieve greater expansion of NPCs compared to other available media
Achieve higher cell density and confluency while maintaining multipotency, marker expression profiles and morphology.

Maintain viability, morphology and marker expression in long term neuronal cultures

Rat hippocampal neurons cultured in PRIME-XV Neural Basal Medium/PRIME-XV IS21 Supplement for 14 days. Positive expression of neuron marker MAP2 and negative astrocyte marker GFAP show maintenance of neurons.



This product is shipped at 2-8°C. Upon receipt, store immediately at 2-8°C and protect from light.

Shelf Life

24 months