BalanCD Transfectory CHO - Liquid

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91147 - BalanCD Transfectory CHO - Liquid
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BalanCD Transfectory CHO - Liquid
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BalanCD Transfectory CHO system of media and supplements is a scalable platform that produces milligram to gram-scale yields of recombinant proteins using a simplified, affordable protocol. The system (including BalanCD Transfectory CHO, Transfectory Supplement and Anti-Clumping Supplement) supports small- and large-scale transient transfection in CHO cells, enabling scientists to use the same medium before and after transfection.

The chemically-defined, animal component-free medium produces protein levels equivalent to, or better than, other commercially available media.

Also available in powder: 94129-10L Powder BalanCD Transfectory CHO


Store at 2-8°C away from light.

Shelf Life

1 year from date of manufacture