Hyaluronidase Solution

Catalog ID: 90101

For the removal of cumulus cells surrounding freshly retrieved oocytes.

90101 - Hyaluronidase Solution
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Hyaluronidase Solution
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Hyaluronidase Solution cleans fresh oocytes prior to ICSI or other ART procedures. Each lot of hyaluronidase solution is tested for an enzymatic activity of 80 IU/mL to facilitate consistent removal of the cumulus cells surrounding retrieved oocytes.

• CE Marked
• Contains:
   - 80 IU/mL of hyaluronidase enzyme in HEPES-buffered HTF
   - Human serum albumin (5 mg/mL)
   - Gentamicin sulfate (10 µg/mL)


Store at 2-8°C

Shelf Life

12 months from date of manufacture