Irvine Scientific Launches BalanCD™ CHO SLX a Culture Media Developed for the Selexis SURE CHO-M Cell Line

Selexis SA, a global life sciences company for drug discovery, cell line development and scale-up to manufacturing of therapeutic proteins, announced today the launch and availability of a chemically-defined, animal-component free media designed to greatly increase the productivity and viability of Selexis SURE CHO-M cell lines. This product, developed in collaboration with Irvine Scientific is designed exclusively for Selexis. The new formulation is called BalanCD™ CHO SLX A, improves cell viability, increases productivity during pilot and process development, and maintains consistency between runs. These and other benefits should facilitate scale-up in bioreactors.

Irvine Scientific, using its Rational Culture Media Design™ approach, worked with researchers at Selexis to develop a custom formulation that allows rapid optimization of processes where the SUREtechnology Platform™ is being evaluated or used.

"Our customers will be very satisfied with the outcome of this collaboration with Irvine Scientific, a company known for innovative, high production CHO formulations," said Igor Fisch, PhD, CEO of Selexis SA. “In combination with our SUREtechnology™ Platform, BalanCD™ CHO SLX A is an important new resource to further assist our customers in speeding drug development while reducing production costs and risks.”

"We are very pleased to be able to offer an optimized media for the Selexis SUREtechnology™ Platform, an industry standard for cell line development,” said Jessie Ni, PhD, CSO of Irvine Scientific. “BalanCD™ CHO SLX A represents an important expansion of Irvine Scientific’s portfolio of chemically-defined media. But more importantly, it provides a more complete solution to customers that need to increase the speed with which they evaluate cell lines, the quality of proteins developed, and optimization of process development. The collaboration with Selexis can provide all these benefits to customers using CHO platforms for their protein therapeutics.”

To learn more about BalanCD™ CHO SLX A™, please contact Armelle Gaussin, PhD at, or

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