Irvine Scientific Introduces PRIME-XV® T Cell Culture Medium for Immunotherapy Applications

SANTA ANA, California – Jan 20, 2015: Irvine Scientific, a world leader in the innovation and manufacture of cell culture media, announced today the introduction of PRIME-XV® T Cell Expansion XSFM, a xeno-free and serum-free medium. PRIME-XV T Cell Expansion XSFM is the newest medium in the PRIME-XV cell therapy product line that supports immunotherapy.

After decades of research, immunotherapy has finally emerged as an exciting and viable approach for treating some forms of cancer. Using a process called adoptive cell transfer (ACT), T cells have been engineered to produce chimeric antigen receptors (CARs), a surface receptor that allows T cells to recognize tumor-specific proteins and subsequently kill the targeted tumor cells. This method has generated remarkable results in small clinical trials, but its success marks only the beginning of its potential as a treatment. To further support the research and development into ACT, efficient expansion of desired T cell subsets with proper potency is critical to ensure an adequate population of T cells with targeted specificity. PRIME-XV T Cell Expansion XSFM is a medium optimized for the expansion of human T cells that reliably maintains potency.

“Immunotherapy offers significant hope, particularly in the area of novel cancer treatment options,” said Dr. Jessie H.-T. Ni, Chief Scientific Officer at Irvine Scientific. “We have developed this new medium using the most up-to-date knowledge of T cell biology to deliver improved performance over serum-containing and other existing commercial xeno-free, serum-free media in supporting ex vivo quality expansion of various human T cell subsets.”

Irvine Scientific supports immunotherapy with products and services for cancer stem/initiating cell expansion and tumorsphere formation, mesenchymal stem/stromal cell expansion, and a full suite of recombinant human growth factors to supplement any variety of applications. To facilitate clinical applications and scale-up, PRIME-XV T Cell Expansion XSFM is available for custom formulation and packaging.

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About Irvine Scientific
Irvine Scientific, a member of JX Group, is a worldwide leader in the innovation and manufacture of cell culture media, reagents, and medical devices for researchers and clinicians. The company provides unrivalled service and quality to scientists working in cell therapy and regenerative medicine, assisted reproductive technology and cytogenetics, and industrial cell culture for the large-scale production of biotherapeutics and vaccines. Irvine Scientific adheres to both ISO and FDA regulations and operates dual cGMP manufacturing facilities in California, USA and Tokyo, Japan. The company’s consultative philosophy combined with expertise in cell culture and compliance provides customers with unique capabilities and support. For over 40 years, Irvine Scientific has remained uniquely flexible and focused on media while becoming a strategic global leader in media products and services.

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