Irvine Scientific Offers Cell Therapy Products

Irvine Scientific, a leading cell culture media / medical device company for more than 40 years, announced their newly launched cell therapy PRIME-XV® product portfolio as part of the company’s commitment to accelerate basic research and clinical applications in cell therapy and regenerative medicine. Using their expertise in cell culture media development, PRIME-XV products were designed to function as part of an integrated workflow solution in culturing primary cells, where all products have been pre-validated to decrease end user qualification time. Initially, PRIME-XV products will comprise of a serum-free medium for the expansion of human mesenchymal stromal / stem cells (MSCs), biopreservation solutions and extracellular matrix proteins. However, Irvine Scientific intends to expand this product line to offer other cell culture media and reagents, such as stem cell qualified fetal bovine serum, tumorsphere and neural progenitor cell expansion media. Examples of existing PRIME-XV products include:

PRIME-XV MatrIS F: a recombinant human matrix protein intended for the culture of human stem / progenitor cells under serum-free conditions. PRIME-XV MatrIS F provides an alternative substrate to the PRIME-XV Human Fibronectin product, which has a wide variety of applications in primary cell spreading and attachment.

PRIME-XV MSC EXPANSION SFM: a complete, serum-free expansion medium specifically designed for the culture of primary human MSCs derived from bone marrow and adipose tissues. This medium is supplied as a convenient one 250mL bottle and is ready-to-use without the need of additional cytokine / growth factor supplements. MSCs cultured in PRIME-XV MSC EXPANSION SFM out performed serum-containing medium as well as leading competitors in cell expansion studies without losing their multipotent characteristics or immune modulation functions.

PRIME-XV Hypothermic Biopreservation Solution: a protein-free, defined solution intended for storage and stable shipping of cells and tissue samples under hypothermic (2-8°C) condition. By preserving cells above freezing temperature, it reduces cellular stress response associated from chilling and re-warming of cells and tissues, and retains high culture viabilities after recovery. Simply replace the culture medium with this animal component-free, cGMP manufactured product for short term storage. To recover from preservation, PRIME-XV Hypothermic Biopreservation Solution is removed and replaced with growth medium of choice.

As an alternative to the PRIME-XV Hypothermic Biopreservation Solution, Irvine Scientific also carries a protein-free, defined PRIME-XV Cryogenic Preservation Solution, which allows for cryopreservation of biologics at -80°C to -196°C.