Irvine Scientifc Receives Certificate of Conformity, CE Mark approval for Vit Kit® Freeze, Vit Kit® Thaw and Oil for Embryo Culture

Irvine Scientific, a leader in Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART), announced today it received CE Mark approval for its Vit Kit®-Thaw and oil for Embryo Culture. This news accompanies the recent announcement of CE Mark approval for a number of other media for ART from Irvine Scientific.

CE is a mandatory conformity mark in European Economic Area for certain product groups to indicate compliance with the essential consumer safety, health and environmental requirements as set out in European Directives and is widely recognized by regulatory authorities around the world.  “Irvine Scientific’s commitment to deliver outstanding products includes strict adherence to regulatory guidelines.  Our ART customers expect the highest quality products and service from their culture media suppliers and recognize CE Mark as an indicator of high product quality control and good manufacturing management. The addition of the CE Mark on our vitrification and oil products will drive us forward into the European market,” said Makoto Shintani, President and CEO, Irvine Scientific.

These CE Marks represent another milestone for Irvine Scientific, which in December 2009 received CE for its complete range of culture media and andrology products: Complete P-1® Medium with DSS™, Blastocyst Freeze Media, Blastocyst Thaw Media, Embryo Freeze Media, Embryo Thaw Media, Complete Early Cleavage Medium ® with DSS™ and Complete MultiBlast Medium® with DSS™, Sperm Washing Medium, Sperm Maintenance Medium w/ HSA, 7% PVP w/HSA, 10% PVP w/HSA.

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