ART Seminar - Practical Solutions for the Bench Embryologist. Get Answers to Your Everyday Questions.

Irvine Scientific hosted a seminar focused on practical solutions for common, everyday questions that may arise in the lab. Targeted topics included successfully culturing embryos to blastocyst stage, tips on why and how to move the entire facility towards eSET, and guidance on when and what to vitrify to achieve the best cryopreservation rates. The seminar was well attended and hosted a forum that was filled with exciting information and collaborative thought sharing that we hope you will be able to apply to your practice right away, resulting in improved techniques, improved pregnancy rates, and a better peace-of-mind.


Jason E. Swain, Ph.D., HCLD - Scientific Director ART Laboratories, University of Michigan Center for Reproductive Medicine, Ann Arbor, MI

Juergen Liebermann, Ph.D., HCLD - Director, IVF Laboratory, Fertility Centers of Illinois, Chicago, IL

Joe Conaghan, Ph.D., HCLD - Director, Embryology Laboratories, Pacific Fertility Center, San Francisco, CA

Jason E. Swain, Ph.D. - Culturing High Quality Blastocysts: Three things you can do in your laboratory right away to improve results.

Juergen Liebermann, Ph.D. - Improve Your Pregnancy Rates: Getting patients, physicians, and the laboratory to opt for Elective Single Embryo Transfer.

Joe Conaghan, Ph.D. - The Embryologists Guide to Advanced Vitrification: What to freeze & when to freeze.

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