What does Irvine Scientific have to offer in their serum-free, animal-component-free, or chemically-defined lines of media?


Irvine Scientific offers many serum-free media, including products for three (3) main types of cells currently used by Biotech or Pharmaceutical companies: 293 cells, Chinese Hamster Ovary (CHO) cells, and Hybridoma cells. Within each cell line, we offer a variety of media:

HEK 293 cells:  We offer one medium formulated for optimal cell growth and viral production.

CHO cells:  We offer six (6) different formulations with three (3) feed media formulations.   All of these products are animal-component-free and are free of L-glutamine, Hypoxanthine, and Thymidine to allow for use in a variety of applications.

Hybridoma cells: We offer four (4) different formulations.

  • IS GRO™ (Catalog ID: 91105)IS PRO™ (Catalog ID: 91103) is our dual media system which comprised of low protein, serum-free media and optimal for hybridoma growth and production. IS GRO™ has been optimized for maximal hybridoma cell growth and is recommended for use during the growth phase; IS PRO™ has a very low protein concentration for use during the production phase to simplify protein purification.
  • HB Basal Liquid (Catalog ID: T000) is a serum-free and chemically defined medium which is designed to support the growth of murine and human hybridomas, myelomas, lymphoblastoid, and endothelial cells, as well as murine T-cell hybrids.
  • IS MAB-CD™(Catalog ID: 91104) is a chemically-defined, low protein medium for the growth of hybridoma and myeloma cell lines for recombinant monoclonal antibody production. This chemically-defined medium is regulatory friendly and allows for improved lot-to-lot consistency compared to other formulations that are not chemically defined.