How does Irvine Scientific define serum-free, animal-component free, protein-free, and chemically-defined media?


Here is how Irvine Scientific defines these types of media:

  • Serum-free media do not contain or require the addition of serum.
  • Protein-free media do not contain any proteins but can contain undefined peptides from plant hydrolysates.
  • Irvine Scientific animal-component free products are manufactured with raw materials that do not contain any animal- or human-derived products to the tertiary level and are manufactured using equipment that does not come in contact with any animal or human products. The raw material handling, storage and final product manufacture and packaging are performed in dedicated human- and animal-component free facilities and equipment.
  • Irvine Scientific chemically-defined media do not contain any undefined animal-derived raw materials and are free of any animal-derived components, including human plasma or human blood-derived components. All raw materials are defined and their exact concentrations are known, which can include recombinant proteins.