ISSCR 2018

Melbourne, Australia | Jun 20, 2018–Jun 23, 2018

Visit booth #111 at ISSCR 2018 to discover cell culture media solutions designed to support a range of cell therapy applications.

Irvine Scientific will be participating in the following talk:

Date: Friday, June 22, 2018
Time: 11:30 AM–12:30 PM
Location: Melbourne Room 2 (Level 2)

"Importance of Using Serum-free Media in the Cell Therapy Field"
Cell therapy is a growing area that focuses on the application of cells as a therapeutic product and where cell culture is the manufacturing process.

Currently, the main challenges in this approach reside in the generation of enough cell numbers with consistent clinical quality. While this may seem rather straightforward, cell culture is a process that involves a large number of interlinked variables, such as cell quality and culture media. In an attempt to move towards a consistent manufacturing process, the removal of undefined components is critical.

In this presentation, we will address the importance of using serum-free media in the development of cell therapy and introduce some alternative products for the culture of several cell types (HSC, T Cell, and NK cells) that can help address some of the challenges faced in translational cell applications.

Vanda Lopes, PhD

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